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Welcome to the Startup-Toolkit that will help you whether you have an idea Shoulder handbags , have already been trading for 6 months or simply considering the possibilities of setting up your own business.
This online guide has been designed in a    replica louis vuitton handbags  way that makes it simple for you to pinch, pull and tap your way through all the different stages that you need to pass to go from idea to business plan.

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  • Nine main routes for you follow

  • Each route breaking down into a few levels of relevant subjects

  • If you are at the idea creation stage then it will be most useful to start from the Starting Off route and follow the routes through in order

  • If you are interested in a particular part of a business click on the relevant route and explore your way around the subjects

  • You can use the Content List for specific areas

Begin Your Journey
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BENEFITS (Building an Expertise Network for an Efficient Innovation & Training System) The BENEFITS project is partly funded by the Channel-France Interreg IVA programme via ERDF funds.

Benefits will propose innovative solutions, relying on a more global approach of existing systems, so as to keep the most useful competences within the France-Channel area where they have been trained: in structuring higher education and job creation-including self-employment-practices, in crossing the key success factors, in strengthening the links between higher education, companies (SMEs) and institutional bodies and eventually in restructuring an industrial manufacturing fabric.