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Support System Add to toolbox

You hear stories everywhere about how being in business for yourself results in really long hours, a lot of problem solving and simply put hard work. 
It isn’t a secret, yet there are still thousands of people out there willing to put in the hard work to realise their ideas into products and services. Here’s a video on how they do it - Turning ideas into businesses
Whether they’re intrinsically motivated by a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment or they’re extrinsically motivated by financial rewards entrepreneurs will be faced
 with situations that require incredible skill and determination to face some of their entrepreneurial challenges.
Hence why it is so important to have a support system in place, for the times that the unexpected situations and problems can become too hard to handle. 
There are various forms of moral support systems; it can be a supporti
ve spouse, or group of family or friends. 
However, this is not always enough as these people may be very supportive, but not always deal well with having very little of your time and effort. It will always be a challenge for someone who doesn’t work for themselves to understand and support someone that does. 
Which brings us to another solution – a support network of other entrepreneurs going through the same challenges as you, where you can both take the time to help each other through. 
Your support group can help to keep you focused and overcome the obstacles that come your way.