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How customers buy Add to toolbox

As important as it is to understand what problem you can solve for your customers and how to provide the solution you also need to, as for most things in life motivate your customers to buy from you.
You will want to do this to in order to really understand your customers and encourage them to keep coming back to purchase from you and buy from you more.
Customer buyer behaviour is applicable to all businesses; whether you are just about to start your business or whether you are an established company looking to attract more sales.
View a breakdown of information of Buyer Behaviour
This section helps you to understand the psyche of your customers a little deeper in order to help create them into loyal customers. 
A wealth of research into the psychology of consumer behaviours has proven that consumers do not always know exactly what kind of products they want or how they feel about certain services, as can be seen here – Consumer Behaviour 
Take the example of Apple’s iPad or Facebook’s photo sharing features.
Although Apple was not the first company to launch a tablet product and Facebook was not the first social network that had photo sharing functions, these companies brought these products and services into the market and made them appealing to consumers.
Until thesethese companies guided us on how to make use of their product/service as consumers we did not know how convenient they were, and how much time and effort we have managed to save ourselves.