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Grouping Your Customers Add to toolbox


Another way of saying grouping your customers is Market Segmentation.

When starting out as a small business you will only have a few types of customers who buy from you in certain ways or certain varieties of your product/service. Organising your customers into groups with common characteristics will help you save time and money when deciding: 
•    What kind of marketing to do
•    Where to do your marketing it  
•    What to sell to the different types of customers
•    What the individual customer needs and wants are likely to be
There are specific strategies you can use in order to group your customers in order to ensure you capture a wide range of potential customers.
You can segment the market:
•    Geographically -  dividing customers by their location; continents, countries, regions, or neighbourhoods
•    Demographically – segmenting customers by variables such as gender, age, income, social class, religion, race or family lifecycle
•    Psychographic – customers are grouped on their personality, lifestyle and values variables.
•    Behavioural – dividing consumers based on their uses, responses, knowledge and attitudes towards products and services such as user status, usage rate, user readiness and attitudes towards the product or service.
For detailed information look at Segmentation Strategies
For an easy break down of this information look at Segmenting the market
As a small business owner in the beginning stage of running your company you are going to have busy 'To Do' list, with things that require your immediate attention frequently.  
Therefore, you are going to want to think carefully about how to make the best use of you time and ensure you are not spending it on customers who do not intend to buy from you.
Hence why it is very important to ensure enough time is spent on segmenting your market.