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Understanding Sales Add to toolbox


Sales is the lifeblood of all businesses. Absolutely nothing of relevance can happen until the first sale goes through. 

Hence why you should be monitoring your sales very closely when you first start out. By doing this you’re able to see patterns of BUYING BEHAVIOUR forming, which will allow you to manage your CASH FLOW and identify where you can do more MARKETING in order to achieve MORE SALES.

During the first few month of your business is where you will change and try different SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIES the most, as you will have to adjust them to what brings in more customers to your business.

There are many ways to do this and keep costs to a minimum when starting out when Getting Sales in a Start up

Do not underestimate the important of CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT, especially in a small business as this is the frequent and main reason businesses fail within their first two years. Here are 10 Critical Cash Flow Rules to stick by.

Whether you are bootstrapping your startups  or using external sources of finance it is crucial to keep a very diligent eye on your finances and budget in order to manage all of your expenditure and ensure you have enough money coming in. When Bootstrapping finance can be a challenge.                


The most important thing to remember is to ensure your startup is viable, is there enough demand for it? Is it profitable enough to have growing sales? If not, you may consider pivoting.