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Social Media & P.R Add to toolbox



You see more and more these days how small businesses grow through word of mouth; a customer has a great or awful experience of a service or product and then tells someone they know about it, who then shares and re shares these comments.

Take the example of how Facebook grew. Facebook is one type of social media – a social networking website.

Social Media is the new face of Marketing and over the last couple of years it has been adopted by many businesses and individuals and become a part of their daily routine. Think how much time they’re spending online? 


Why use Facebook?

Why SOCIAL MEDIA is essential to business:

  • The reality is it is seen as one of the most transparent ways of gathering feedback and comments on pretty much everything
  • Helps to build faith in your company
  • Unlike billboards, social media allows you to personalise your message to different types of consumer groups you may have and target them on the specific places online they visit
  • Social Media never sleeps – it’s 24/7
  • It’s also significantly cheaper than traditional marketing methods
  • It allows for two communication with your customers, which means there is more room for understanding and agreement between the business and the customer and allows you to engage your consumers via contests and giveaways

It allows for quick and easy response to negative feedback, which could damage your company reputation​


The obvious way to measure the success of your social media strategies and time and effort investment is to look at the sales figures.

However, there are other tools that are easy to use and can help not only do that but also to identify new customers and improve your reach to your existing customers:

  • Hootsuite: dashboard to control the sharing of your content and measure it’s success on your chosen social media channels.
  • Google Analytics: tracks the activity of your users online (on your company and social networking website)



Public Relations  is a method of communicating news about your company to the general public, through mediums such as newspapers and magazines, both online and offline in order to help build your company reputations.

Social Media is changing the way public relations works within business. They have forced specialists in PR to turn to social media as way to collect and generate stories on things going on with companies and brands.

Some P.R specialists are even making themselves reachable via platforms such as Twitter.