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B2B Add to toolbox


Business to Business selling involves a business buying from a business/your product/service for the purpose of re-selling it or adding value to it in order to sell it to their own consumers. 

The nature of B2B means it is very different to B2C.

The nature of the B2B market means that you will make less sales, but these businesses will be spending more money with you.  


  • Tend to be even more targeted than when finding your target market in a B2C market 
  • Product/service can sometimes be more complex such as a particular type of a consultancy project

This is often why the reason why a B2C consumer will not know or have heard of popular business supplies companies like Viking Direct

  • Sale will usually be a bulk purchase of a product for resale or a product/service, such as a piece of machinery or a software system that enables the businesses buying from you produce their product/service for the public
  • Buyer decision making process usually takes much longer than if you were selling to a customer, businesses usually have to consult with their internal departments and figures of authority before they can finalise a buying decision
  • Pricing is different, especially if they are buying a service. This depends on the size of the organisation and how they plan to use your service, for example access to an online customer support system like Zen Desk, or social media management website like Hootsuite will vary in price according to how many members of your team have access to it


  • There is little or no personal emotion involved in the way you market 
  • B2B want to see the features and benefits of your offering and welcome additional product information