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Business to consumer as the name describes involves a business selling a product/service directly to an end user. This differs to B2B and means that a business can tailor their marketing and sales efforts the mindset of the single, typical customer they hope to capture as part of their target market.

Examples include companies of medicine that can be bought over the counter such as Lempsip, computer and gadget companies such as GAME and Samsung and coffee shops who offers food and ambiance such as Starbucks.

For a B2C business it is important:

  • To have one clear message that helps to recognise your brand
  • Quick and easy 1 step buying process
  • Build brand loyalty through frequent marketing (social media, content marketing)
  • Merchandising
  • Emotional marketing tailored to target market

You will have to tailor your marketing to your B2C market in order to capture potential customers. 

Recent trends in B2C Marketing:

  • Rise in social media for personal use means companies will have to engage their potential consumers online through creative marketing methods.
  • Consumers are increasingly doing thorough research of their own before making purchases. Businesses have had to adjust their marketing strategies to this and one of the most effective ways small businesses can engage with customers at this stage is through a strong social media presence with the use of SEO and content marketing.  

Having a strong online presence means that customers are more likely to find regular, positive and encouraging material that will encourage them to buy. 

  • Companies are increasingly using content marketing as one of their main B2C marketing strategies
  • Customers are increasingly shopping online