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Credit Cards Add to toolbox


Is another type of credit facility arranged with your bank. Your bank issues you with a card with an agreed sum of money on it that belongs to the bank, that you can spend in stores or online. Some credit cards allows you to take cash out of at an ATM also, but you have to check for these details before signing a credit card agreement.

You pay the amount back on a monthly basis, with interest. This is a good option to use if you need to borrow money now and you don’t currently have it, but you know you have money coming in shortly. If you pay back the amount before the specified date you will not be charged interest. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the credit card game, where you end up paying off one credit card with another and paying off much more money than you originally borrowed, due to interest. How to avoid playing the credit card game

The way a credit card differs to an overdraft:

  • Revolving line of credit, once repaid the amount you spent you can spend it again, until you decide to close the card, which you can do once the amount has been repaid.
  • An overdraft may have extra fees for using the facility
  • A credit card is a separate card you have as opposed to being part of the same account you have open and you are able to apply for a credit card with any bank or building society, where as an overdraft can only be organised for an already existing account

You can compare online to find some of the best credit card rates, on websites such as MoneyFacts.co.uk