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Crowdfunding and Grants  


Is raising money for a project by collecting many small amounts of money from many people, as opposed to large investments from a few key individuals. Usually this is done via the internet. 

Although this type of fund raising has been around for a while it has recently taken off and over $5.1 billion was raised in 2013.

In order to create a Crowd Funding campaign you need to prepare by creating a successful pitch, here what you need to consider:

  • Have a clear goal on how much you want to raise and why
  • Have a rough budget of how cash will be spent and include with campaign
  • Create a short and catchy video/story
  • Have prepared photos and website
  • Spread the word through PR and social media 
  • Offer small rewards to those who fund large amounts of money
  • Interact with supporters

Some of the most popular crowd funding platforms include:

  • Indiegogo – for campaigns worldwide
  • Kickstarter – for creative projects
  • GoGetFunding – London based, for many different types of causes – both private and public projects 
  • RocketHub – simple process of uploading your project
  • YouCaring – for charitable and social causes 

Most platforms make their money by taking 3-10% in commission, of what you have managed to raise. If you are trying to raise money for a social enterprise, some platforms will not charge the commission but may take up to 5% as a handling fee. 

You need to ensure you check all the different requirements for the platforms to decide which one would suit you best. Also, the various platforms have different requirements on the projects they are willing to support so ensure to submit your project about four weeks before its launch date to ensure that any required changes can be made and project can go ahead.


These are non-repayable funds or resources such as technology or working space given by governments to businesses starting out.

Look here for the different grants that could be available

Sometimes it can be difficult to find grants that you meet the requirements for, for here’s a where you can find small business grants

As this is such a popular fund raising option it is not always simple to be accepted for a grant, so here’s how to Prepare for grants