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Skills Add to toolbox


First you need to decide what is the skillset you require to run your business. 

Do you have adequate:

  • Sales
  • Marketing (online, social media marketing)
  • Production (of your product/service)
  • Finance (book keeping and cash management)
  • Administration (tech savyy to help automate processes)


Have a look at this short interview from a few entrepreneurs to help you decide where you are at with your skills 

Its essential to identify all the skills you may require for running your business, to ensure you can do so successfully and solve any arising issues. This will enable you to prepare for potential challenges that arise unexpectedly when you’ve hit the ground running.

If you find that you do not have all the skills you require you may want to team or partner with somebody who does. 

In other words have a co-founder, if you both have very different skills, for example you being very knowledgeable about creating your product and tech savyy and your partner being more business minded, who knows how to best market such products then this could be a huge advantage and make your firm grow successfully and quickly. 

It is important to ensure you and your team/partner are both passionate and committed to the business.

You may choose not to do this and the two options you would be left with is either learning these skills yourself or hiring people who have them.

If you are sure that you need to hire people who have the experience you feel you don’t have enough of or the skills that are crucial to running all parts of your business then the above link will show a few ways to save money while you do it.