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Creating memorable videos that potential customers can relate to, which stir them up with emotion are exactly what businesses should be doing. Wrapping your business up as a solution and answer to an annoyance a customer is potentially facing and ending with a call to action, whether to buy or engage with your company in some way has become very popular. 

There are other video platforms, outside of the popular YouTube available.

A key aim is to start intriguing conversation with audiences worldwide, spurring discussions, debate and comments in real-time. The more such traction the video gains the more viral the reach and opportunity for the target market to see it. 

Hence the rise of Video Selfie applications and tools such as Vine and Vimeo, companies are engaging with customers through digital storytelling tactics, and incorporating human-speak into their messaging – videos, pictures and humour, which is able to excite and inform them. It’s something that ha started as a trend but has become a useful tool for business marketing #memyselfie&I 


Is a video-sharing app, available on smartphones, which has become a popular social network. The app allows you to create short three to six-second video clips, which play on a loop and these short moments can be shared on other social media networks. 

Tools such as Vine give businesses the opportunity to produce interesting and creative content that can attract the attention of your target market – A business guide to using vine 


Vimeo is a service very similar to YouTube. There are key differences between the two Vimeo V.S YouTube 

It was launched by filmmakers for filmmakers and it’s more popular for creative artistry. Vimeo focuses on making and sharing content that is high quality and acknowledges the video maker, by providing certain credit to them and supporting them in the video creation process.