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A website is as essential to your business as the air that you breathe.

It’s your best promotion tool, online shop-window, accessibility to your customers worldwide and so much more. 

So, it’s crucial that your website gives a clear idea of exactly what your business does. It’s look and feel, it’s text and images as well as ease of use will contribute to this. 

A professional look sets a professional image, hence why so many startups opt in for the more pricier, but most often well-worth-the-cost option of hiring a website developer or agency (Tips for hiring a Web Developer).  

Ensure that the way your website is built is user friendly on tablets and smartphones, the rise in smartphone and tablet usage means customers are now more likely to see your website on one of these devices, as opposed to their laptops or pc (if they have a pc, as a lot of people don’t these days). Create your website design and functionality to give them a great first impression. 

You will have to make a choice for yourself whether you want to build your own website or hire a developer

Here’s how to set the right and clear message on your website:

  • Ensure the message is simple, direct and easy to understand
  • Work on finding your unique point and using it
  • Define why you’re in business, what how others (customers/employees) would define your business, pinpoint the advantages you want people to associate with your business and that’s your brand
  • Communicate your brand in a design that matches what you’re saying
  • Keep font sizes and colours very clear and easy to read
  • Test it to ensure all links and tabs are functional and all the things customers are looking for the on the website can be easily navigated

Most importantly make sure that what you are saying and the way you are putting yourself and your company across is consistent with all the other modes of communication and marketing that you have used. REMEMBER: a confused customer buys nothing!