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Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the kind of document where you want to make an instant great impression and catch the reader’s attention. 

As you may have been told before most employers will spend less than nine seconds skim reading your CV, so you need to do all you can to ensure they receive the kind of clear and professional message that you want. 

Or, as in some cases if your potential investors request to see your CV, which they may if they want to get to know more about your experience be assured this does not need to be anywhere near the same length as your business plan. Keep your CV to one/two pages as a maximum.

The impression you set in your CV will be very different to the one on your website or one that you are able to form through the use of text messaging.

A CV is not something you create for yourself to show people all about you, it is something to the point and professional, which you format, organise ad adjust so that it is easy for the interested party to see who you are straight away and decide whether you fit whichever role you need to do.

Ensure you do the following to set the right impression about you:

  • Include only relevant experience
  • Use strong, concrete verbs to describe your jobs
  • Focus on describing past job activities that highlight the skills you are most likely to use in your next job
  • Don’t use jargon and acronyms the reader will not understand
  • Use a bulleted style to make your resume more reader-friendly  
  • If you have a variety of experience or have been working for a long time put a short three/four line personal statement at the top to summarise your competencies and goals
  • Keep it very short and succinct
  • Invest time into building a strong LinkedIn profile